RU Classics focuses on the interpretation of original texts in Greek and Latin in the context of the general humanistic tradition. Our graduate students master the philological methods of the discipline and become familiar with the methods of such related fields as literary theory, ancient history, philosophy, and ancient art history. Full-time students generally finish the M.A. track in two years; candidates for the Ph.D. on average take an additional three years.

We offer six degree tracks leading to three different advanced degrees:

  • M.A. Classics
  • M.A. Interdisciplinary Classics and Ancient History
  • M.A.T. Latin
  • Ph.D. Classics
  • Ph.D. Interdisciplinary Classics and Ancient History
  • Ph.D. Joint program in Classics and Art History (by individual arrangement)

Beginning in Fall 2020, we will, for the first time, be offering funded MA fellowships; see "Admission and Funding" for more information.

Classics Graduate Student Association

The Classics Graduate Student Association (GSA) enhances the social interaction and intellectual engagement of our students.  Its main activity is to organize a lecture series each year that brings in leading scholars to share their work.  It also organizes graduate student conferences on a periodic basis.

Greek and Latin Fest

Greek Fest and its counterpart Latin Fest are two annual conferences celebrating Greek and Latin literature.  Greek Fest is held in October and Latin Fest in April. Participants include graduate students and faculty of the following universities: Rutgers, UPenn, Princeton, Columbia, and NYU. The conferences are conducted in a seminar-style format, where graduate students make short presentations leading to discussion among the participants.  Recent conferences have focused on:  Apollonius of Rhodes (Argonautica Book 4), Hippocrates (Airs, Waters, Places), Pliny the Elder (Natural History), Plautus (Rudens), Seneca (Octavia), Tacitus (Agricola), the Priapea, Phaedrus (Fables), and various openings of Cicero's works.

Ethel S. Cook Travel Grants

The Department of Classics holds an annual competition for scholarships to support travel abroad for programs that specialize in fields covered by Classical studies.  These include Mediterranean archaeology and art history, ancient history, and studies in Greek and Latin literature and documents.  Relevant programs include, but are not limited to, those associated with the American School of Classical Studies in Athens, the American Academy in Rome, College Year in Athens, the Intercollegiate Center in Rome, American Research Center in Sofia (Bulgaria), and archaeological field schools, such as Rutgers University Archaeological Field School in Italy.  Rutgers students with GPA averages of 3.3 or better are eligible.  Applications will be accepted for programs in:  the summer, fall or spring semesters, or for an academic year.  For more information, please go to:

Ethel S. Cook Travel Scholarship Application