Project Theophrastus

In 1979, Project Theophrastus was founded by Professor William Fortenbaugh.

Its stated purpose was to collect, edit, translate and comment on the fragments of the philosopher Theophrastus, who was Aristotle's pupil and second head of the Peripatetic School. At the outset, the Project was generously supported by the National Endowment for the Humanities, private foundations and Rutgers University. It continues to receive support from the university and private foundations.

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Rutgers Studies in Classical Humanities (RUSCH)

Rutgers University Studies, affectionately known as RUSCH, was founded in conjunction with Project Theophrastus and in time took on a life of its own. Today it focuses on the colleagues, pupils and successors of Theophrastus. In particular, it is dedicated to redoing Fritz Wehrli's Die Schule des Aristoteles/The School of Aristotle. Missing texts are being included, and the apparatus of variant readings and of parallel texts is being enlarged. In addition, an English translation is being added.

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