SalamAlKuntar v1Salam Al Kuntar

Lecturer Assistant Professor - Classics

PhD in Archaeology, University of Cambridge (2009)

Research Interests: The archaeology and heritage of the Middle East exploring a wide variety of themes such as ancient economy and urbanism, forced migration, modern identity and historic narratives, conflict and iconoclasm.

Office:  Academic Building - CAC  Rm 6185

Phone: (848) 932 6424

E-mail:  sa1370@classics.rutgers.edu 


Allen Hornblower v1Emily Allen-Hornblower

Associate Professor of Classics (Ph.D., Harvard)

Research Interests:  Ancient cultural history; Archaic Greek epic and Attic drama, Greek mythology, religion and gender; reception.

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Office:  AB 6189, CAC

Phone:  848-932-9493

E-mail:  emiallen@classics.rutgers.edu

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Chew v1Kristina Chew

Assistant Teaching Professor 

Research Interests:  translation, the classical tradition,
Greek and Latin lyric poetry, online learning and teaching

E-mail: kjc104@classics.rutgers.edu

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connolly v1Serena Connolly

Associate Professor of Classics (Ph.D., Yale) 

Research interests:  Serena Connolly teaches Roman history and Latin literature. Her research is characterized by her use of a wide range of texts from across the Roman world to understand Roman social history, including that of poorly-attested groups such as non-elites, women and slaves. She is the author of Lives Behind the Laws: The World of the Codex Hermogenianus, in which she explored Roman emperors’ responses to the legal problems of their ordinary subjects, as well as a number of related articles. Her current book project is an introduction to the Distichs of Cato, collection of Roman wisdom and advice that was one of the most-read and best known ancient Latin texts for over 1000 years. Professor Connolly regularly teaches courses on Roman imperial history, Pompeii, ancient science and technology, and Latin literature.

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Office:  AB 6187, CAC

E-mail:  serena@classics.rutgers.edu

fisher v1John "Jay" Fisher

Assistant Teaching Professor of Classics (Ph.D., Princeton)

Research Interests:  Latin poetry, Republican Latin literature, Greek poetry

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Office:  AB 6181, CAC

Phone:  848-932-3245

E-mail:  jf701@rci.rutgers.edu

mcglew v1James McGlew

Professor of Classics (Ph.D., University of Chicago)

Research Interests:  Archaic and Classical Greek Political Culture: Ideas and Practices of Citizenship in Democratic Athens

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Office:  AB 6184, CAC

Phone:  848-932-3230

E-mail:  jmcglew@classics.rutgers.edu

Peruzzi v1Bice Peruzzi

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. in Classical Archaeology, University of Cincinnati (2016)

Research Interests:  Art and archaeology of Pre-Roman Italy, in particular Etruria and Magna Graecia; pottery iconography; pottery technology; burial practices; identity in the ancient Mediterranean.

Bice is a Classical archaeologist specializing in the material culture of pre-Roman Italy. Her research focuses on the construction of cultural identity and the mechanics of cultural exchange in Apulia before the Roman conquest. Using artifacts –in particular local and imported pottery– as her main form of evidence, she aims to give a voice to individuals who would be otherwise mute, as they have left no written accounts and are only tangentially described in Greek and Roman sources. She has fieldwork and finds research experience in a number of sites in Italy (from Roman villas in Veneto, to Tarquinia’s necropolis, to Pompeii), in Greece, and in Turkey. She has published on Etruscans and Apulian tombs and on Corinthian pottery. Her current book project is a social biography of the inhabitants of Central Apulia. At Rutgers, Professor Peruzzi teaches courses on Mediterranean archaeology.

Office:  Academic Building - CAC Rm 6186

E-mail: bice.peruzzi@classics.rutgers.edu

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Timothy Power v1Timothy Power

Associate Professor of Classics (Ph.D., Harvard)

Research Interests:  Archaic and Classical Greek lyric poetry; ancient Greek and Roman music; Athenian drama.

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Office:  AB 6182, CAC

Phone:  848-932-9305

E-mail:  tcpower@classics.rutgers.edu

Photo on 4 9 15 at 7.13 PM cf288 Jeffrey Ulrich

Assistant Professor (Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania)

 Research Interests: The Roman Novel, Augustan Poetry, The Reception of Greek Philosophy in Latin literature, Time and Nostalgia, and Ancient Sexuality

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Office: AB 6178, CAC

E-mail: jeulrich@classics.rutgers.edu

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yadin israel v1Azzan Yadin-Israel

Professor of Jewish Studies and Classics

Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley and Graduate Theological Union

Research Interests:  Rabbinics, Kabbalah, the Bible and its interpretation

Curriculum Vitae

Office:  3 Miller Hall

Phone:  848-932-9216

E-mail:  azzan@rutgers.edu