Zeffirelli Zeffirelli  Zeffirelli


Trailer (22 secs) for feature film (26 minutes). Release date: 2015

For decades renowned film, opera, and theater director Franco Zeffirelli has brought countless stories to life. With an exclusive interview with Maestro Zeffirelli, straight from his home in Rome the eternal city itself, Zeffirelli delves into this great artist's most intimate thoughts on his long career, his professional friendships, his long association with photographer Corrado Falsini, and the failures and triumphs of his varied and always adventurous productions.

Directed and edited by Gabriela Gabbidon '16
Cinematography by Adam Nawrot '14
Producers Professors Corey Brennan and Dena Seidel
Funded by Rutgers University School of Arts and Sciences
Special thanks Madi Gandolfo
Made in the Rutgers Center for Digital Filmmaking, Mason Gross School of the Arts under the supervision of Professor Dena Seidel

School of Arts and Sciences : Department of Classics
Mason Gross School of the Arts : Center for Digital Filmmaking