The Hair Archaeologist: Janet Stephens  The Hair Archaeologist: Janet Stephens

The Hair Archaeologist: Janet Stephens

Short-format documentary (5 minutes 34 seconds). Release date: 2015.

A capsule profile of noted experimental archaeologist Janet Stephens. A hair stylist by profession, Stephens describes how she experienced an intellectual epiphany in 2001, during a chance visit to the ancient sculpture gallery of Baltimore's Walters Art Museum. Since then Janet Stephens has published her pioneering work on ancient hairdressing techniques in several leading academic journals; seen her studies featured by the Wall Street Journal, NPR and the BBC; and lectured at a wide range of museums and universities—including at the inaugural Committee on Institutional Cooperation graduate conference on the ancient world hosted in October 2014 at Rutgers.

Directed and edited by Jenny Kim '16
Cinematography by Jenny Kim '16 and John Riggio '16, with the assistance of Shaodi Huang '16
Producers Professors Corey Brennan and Dena Seidel
Funded by Rutgers University Department of Classics
Special thanks The Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore MD; Committee on Institutional Cooperation
Made in the Rutgers Center for Digital Filmmaking, Mason Gross School of the Arts under the supervision of Professor Dena Seidel

School of Arts and Sciences : Department of Classics
Mason Gross School of the Arts : Center for Digital Filmmaking