connolly v1Serena Connolly

Professor of Classics (Ph.D., Yale) 

Research interests:  Serena Connolly teaches Roman history and Latin literature. Her research is characterized by her use of a wide range of texts from across the Roman world to understand Roman social history, including that of poorly-attested groups such as non-elites, women and slaves. She is the author of Lives Behind the Laws: The World of the Codex Hermogenianus, in which she explored Roman emperors’ responses to the legal problems of their ordinary subjects, as well as a number of related articles. Her current book project is an introduction to the Distichs of Cato, collection of Roman wisdom and advice that was one of the most-read and best known ancient Latin texts for over 1000 years. Professor Connolly regularly teaches courses on Roman imperial history, Pompeii, ancient science and technology, and Latin literature.

Curriculum Vitae

Office:  AB 6187, CAC

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