Affiliated Faculty (Members of the Classics Graduate Faculty)

Robert H. Bolton (Ph.D., Michigan), Department of Philosophy.  Ancient philosophy, philosophy of language, metaphysics.

Gary D. Farney (Ph.D., Bryn Mawr), Department of History, Rutgers—Newark. Roman history.

Archer St. Clair Harvey  (Ph.D., Princeton), Department of Art History.  Late antique, early Christian, and Byzantine art.

John F. Kenfield III (Ph.D., Princeton), Department of Art History. Archaic and Classical art.

Tia M. Kolbaba, (Ph.D., Toronto), Department of Religion.  Byzantine studies; history of earlier Christianity.

David Marsh (Ph.D., Harvard), Department of Italian.  Classical influences on Renaissance literature.

Stephen Reinert (Ph.D., California at Los Angeles), Department of History.  Byzantine history.

Michael David Rohr (Ph.D., Stanford, Emeritus), Department of Philosophy, Rutgers-Newark.  Ancient philosophy.

Steven F. Walker  (Ph.D., Harvard), Department of Comparative Literature.  Hellenistic literature.

Emma Wasserman (Ph.D., Yale), Department of Religion. Early Christian history.

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